The Tamil Academic Journal aims to promote original research that pertains to Tamil people globally. It is dedicated to publishing peer-reviewed articles from all disciplines, including the Arts, Humanities, Social and Applied Sciences. In addition to promoting academic research and the transfer of knowledge, the journal hopes to create a community for academics around the world to collaborate within and outside their fields.

Tamil Academic Journal is an initiative which started in February 2019. We are a team of London and Toronto based academics, graduates and students from diverse disciplines and careers working to establish a global platform to access and share original research that concerns Tamil people globally.

After enduring our own studies in various disciplines and trying to configure how we can give back to the Tamil community, we realised that there is an absence of a platform that promotes original research on Tamil issues. This project is not only aiming to fill in gaps in terms of research, it is seeking to disrupt traditional practises in academia; specifically the journal wants to be more action-orientated and inclusive with its sharing of knowledge compared to the mainstream ones; our mission has three objectives: Educate, Enrich and Empower.

From December 2021, TamilStudiesUK and Tamil Academic Journal have united in the endeavour to inspire, promote, and publish original academic research pertaining to the global Tamil community. We welcome your submissions of abstracts and academic papers from all disciplines for review and publishing. All papers will be peer reviewed, and reviewed by our editorial board to ensure academic rigour.

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