Karthigai Moi Virunthu 2022

Tamil Studies at SOAS University of London is an ambitious project for the 12 crore Tamils living in the world. The project, once completed will have a Tamil department in the heart of London. A very successful crowdfunding effort is in progress by the Tamil community that has already raised over £175,000 towards a long term endowment.

Why Moi Virunthu?

A Moi Virunthu is an ancient form of crowdfunding followed in Tamil Nadu, Eelam and other Tamil diaspora countries. Funds are raised by offering a feast and those who took part in the feast offer a cash donation towards the end to fullfil a common goal. TamilStudiesUK is fundraising for Tamil Studies at SOAS University of London in order to secure the long term funds needed to sustain Tamil Studies at SOAS University of London.


Information Booklet

Since 2017, SOAS South Asia Institute’s director Edward Simpson has been  on a mission to reinstate Tamil Studies at SOAS. TamilStudiesUK supports this fundraising effort.

A long term endowment of £10 million is required to reinstate Tamil Studies within the Languages department at SOAS and sustain it for the university’s lifetime.

Over £175,000 has been raised so far, and the goal is £10 million. The support is growing. We invite you to get involved too.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, the objective is to host a Moi Virunthu at your home, and invite your friends and family to donate for Tamil Studies at SOAS University of London.

Donations are obtained using a pledge book. A copy will be provided if you are in the UK. For those outside the UK, a PDF copy of the pledge book will be provided for you to print at home.

Yes, donations in full are directly sent to SOAS University of London.

Yes, all are invited to join the campaign. Ask them to fill the registration form below.

Yes, we intend to complete the Moi Virunthu before the end of December 2022, in order to complete the certification process in Jan 15, 2023 at SOAS Thiruvalluvar function.

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