Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about TamilStudiesUK campaign.

Q1. What is the TamilStudiesUK campaign about?

TamilStudiesUK is a community led fundraising campaign working in close partnership with the South Asia Institute of School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. By establishing a dedicated long-term endowment fund for Tamil Studies at SOAS, the initiative will be supporting teaching, research and scholarships, securing a long term future for Tamil in U.K. higher education. More information is available at SOAS website.

Q2. Why was this initiative started?

At present, despite having both historic ties to many countries where Tamil is spoken and a large diaspora community of its own, no U.K. universities currently offer modules in Tamil language, culture or history. This leaves a clearly identifiable gap bridging which could benefit students, academics and community alike.

Q3. With an existing system of community schools and popular evening course at SOAS already, what more will this add?

The demographics and motivations of today’s Tamil learners can vary greatly and continue to grow, particularly amongst adult learners of both Tamil and non-Tamil heritage. More tertiary level options would allow us to better address the needs of all whilst complimenting the excellent work of community leaders and school level initiatives. Degree modules would allow us to offer more than the evening course is presently able to, as well as providing students credit as part of a University of London degree.

Q4. Is a degree in Tamil for everyone?

From as little as an individual introductory Tamil language module as part of any University of London Degree, to a board based undergraduate or postgraduate degree at SOAS catered around Tamil Studies; being able to offer a broad portfolio of Tamil Studies modules means there will be something for everyone with an interest in Tamil language, culture, history and more – however small or large their interest for the area may be.

Q5. Why SOAS?

SOAS (short for School of Oriental & African Studies) is a specialised institution within the University of London family with a strong century long tradition of focus on the regions of Asia & Africa. These areas of regional expertise encompass not only Tamil Nadu and Tamil speaking regions of Sri Lanka, but also many of the regions with historic settled diaspora communities such as Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius & South Africa. As such, SOAS is uniquely well-placed to support a wide range of Tamil Studies related interests.

Founded in 1916, and famously home to a statue of the Classical Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar, SOAS has an established tradition in the field of Tamil studies. Despite not being able to offer Tamil in recent years due to government funding cuts, scholars such as Dr John Marr and Dr Stuart Blackburn have helped nurture some of today’s leading figures during their time at SOAS.

SOAS is already home to lecturers with research interests related to Tamil Studies, some of whom are members of London’s vibrant Tamil community themselves.

SOAS is located in the heart of London, being walking distance the British Library, British Museum and other leading institutions from the University of London. SOAS’s itself is home to a national research library with an existing collection of rare and important works related to Tamil studies, including original palm leaf scrolls in Tamil and the expertise for their specialist preservation and digitization. Being in central London, SOAS is easily accessible for students from anywhere in greater London, as well as having good transport links with other parts of the U.K. Many Tamil speaking communities are found in greater London, making it ideal for the community as well as those who want to practice the language or conduct their research with the community. In terms of student life, each year SOAS is home to an active Tamil student society hosting an annual Pongal festival at SOAS’s Thiruvalluvar statue. In addition to London’s well-known attractions, a wide range of student societies can be found at SOAS and nearby University of London institutions.

Q6. How much needs to be raised and what’s the breakdown?

SOAS is located in the heart of London, being walking distance the British Library, British Museum and other We aim to raise a total of £10 million. This sum will secure the establishment of a permanent endowment fund just for Tamil Studies, allowing teaching, research, and scholarships to continue long term without concerns about funding and sustainability.

Q7. Are Donations safe?

Yes, we as an organisation have a memorandum of understanding in place with SOAS, where 100% of the funds go directly to SOAS.

Q8. How much has been raised so far?

The up-to date funds raised is available at, (for funds upto £177,639, and then platform upgraded to JustGiving)

Q9. How Can I donate?

Donations can be made via cheque, bank transfer and card via the JustGiving pages. In addition to the main JustGiving page (which is updated with the grand total from all events), there are Individual JustGiving pages for our main events and community fundraiser drives. If you are a member of any of the organisations or friends/family of any of the individuals holding a fundraiser such as a charity walk, please refer to their individual page and donate there using JustGiving’s built in means. For more details see our full donation FAQ below.

Q10. Who is behind TamilStudiesUK?

Please see our about us page for more info and a copy of our constitution.

Q11. Other than financially, what else can I do to support? How can I have a say?

TamilStudiesUK has regular meetings and co-ordinating groups for various aspects of our campaign drive. We are democratic, inclusive and have many volunteer roles available. As we have awareness and fundraising events around the world, you can also join a regional co-ordination group and need not be based in the U.K. All meetings are online at present.

Our community enthusiasts are cordial and welcoming, taking pride in the community atmosphere that has been fostered. It’s a great chance for you to share and grow your own knowledge, skills and passion for Tamil Studies and meet new people in aid of a good cause.

You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to our Youtube channel. The more interaction, the more we can get the word out.

Why not get in touch with one of our listed contacts on our ‘Contact Us’ page or drop us an email:

Q12. Is TamilStudiesUK inclusive and democratic?

Please see TamilStudiesUK takes pride in being welcoming to people from any background and are continually striving to make our organisation and events more inclusive and democratic as they grow.

Q13. Who are the partners of TamilStudiesUK?

Please see our partners page for a full list of partners. If you’d like to become a business partner, please send an email to “”

Donations FAQ

Q14. Can I donate to TamilStudiesUK by Cheque?

Yes. Please write to us at for more information.

Q15. Can I donate to TamilStudiesUK by Bank Transfer?

Yes. Please write to us at for more information.

Q16. Can I donate to SOAS via standing order? Bank Transfer?

Yes. Please write to us at for more information.

Q17. What is the procedure for donating from my private company, and getting a corporation tax benefit?

You can pay from your company business account via the or bank transfer and then show this donated amount as an expense in your company accounts.

Q18. Can I leave a donation in my will?


Q19. Can I become a TamilStudiesUK’s member? What is the procedure?

Yes. You can become a member through a rolling subscription or a one-time lifetime membership payment. You can find the application form here. (link).

Q20. I would like to make payment to TamilStudiesUK from India or Malaysia. My bank card is not Mastercard or a Visa Card. What is the procedure?

You can make a direct bank transfer or please email “” to request a secure link to make an online payment.

Q21. Can donations be made anonymously?

Yes. This is possible through the JustGiving platform.

Q21. What will happen to the fund until the target is achieved?

Every bit of Tamil Studies campaign fund is kept at SOAS University of London as “Tamil Studies Endowment Fund”. Whatever income is generated from that will fund various Tamil Studies initiaties such as visiting lectures, seminars, etc. within SOAS.