TamilStudiesUK is a fundraising campaign to reinstate the study of Tamil within the Languages Department at SOAS University of London, for our young and aspiring Tamil learners to pursue Tamil at university level.

Tamil was taught at SOAS from the School’s inception in 1916 until 2010 when it could not continue due to government funding cuts. Reinstating Tamil at SOAS is vital for the Tamil diaspora and Tamil enthusiasts to pursue Tamil Studies to sustain the language and culture.

Moreover, the academics focused on Tamil at SOAS would be instrumental in standardising the syllabus for Tamil schools, make recommendations for UCAS points and conduct examinations in Tamil, and monitor the quality of the programme.

A long term endowment of £10 million is required to reinstate Tamil Studies within the Languages department at SOAS and sustain it for the university’s lifetime. Out of this £10 million, £6 million will fund academic positions, and £4 million will endow Tamil Studies scholarships.A long term endowment of £10 million is required to reinstate the department and sustain it for the life time of the University. Out of this £10 million, £6 million will be used for the academic position and £4 million will be used for the scholarships.

Once the £10 million endowment is secured, SOAS will be able to establish Tamil Studies at SOAS.

Donation Link: https://soas.hubbub.net/p/TamilStudies/

Philanthropists (10,000 x £1000 Contributors Plan)

Though 10 million seems a large figure, our outreach to reachout 10,000 contributors who can donate £1000 to the campaign can complete our campaign.

Writer Vithyasagar (Kuwait)
இன்பத்தமிழ் இளங்கோவன், குவைத்
Dr. Parameswara Iyer AMBIKAPATHY (Essex, UK)

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Your donation to Tamil Studies at SOAS University of London
is very important to preserve the language and its heritage.
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SOAS South Asia Institute director Dr.Edward Simpson about the Tamil Studies campaign.
SOAS Deputy Director Dr.Navtej Purewal handing over the letter of campaign authorisation to TamilStudiesUK team.